To explore the water reservoirs of France, is another way to discover this country.

The diversity of architecture or frescoes of these essential elements of our life, is equal only by the variety of landscapes in which they fit.

The water reservoir is to the water supply system what the fungus is to the mycelium. Omnipresent in daily life for drinking, cooking or washing, it is the water that is at the source of these buildings. Before it arrives at our taps, the water remains for a certain time in reservoirs of which water towers are part of.

The water towers, despite what they might suggest, are not the most widespread form of water reservoirs. Because of their aerial situation, they require the use of technical prowess and are more subject to the degradation of time. In addition to external actions they must face, as any hydraulic equipment, specific internal stress due to the presence of water, gases and humidity, and service conditions which impose variations of the level, thus of changes in load and pressure variations.